Q.  How Do I Join On Fire Matrix?

A.  Get with your sponsor as the registration links will come from your up line.

Q.  Why Can’t I Access My Products?  I keep getting an Error saying that it is not secure?

A.   On Fire Matrix is Hosted on a Secure Server which is why the backoffice starts with a https://  TRUSTe Seal FAQ

When you click on the “Spark Level 50 Products” for the first time, you will need to Accept https://onfirematrix.com as a Trusted Site.

This will Allow you access to the secure server to download your products.

Q.    I don’t have an Alert Pay Account?

A.  If you do not have an Alert Pay Account sign up Here: 

Q. How often can I withdraw my earnings from my O.F.M. back office e-wallet?

A.  You will be able to withdraw your earnings on a daily basis.

Q.  What is the Max You Can Withdraw through Alert Pay?

A.  Please read Alert pay’s FAQ. 

Q.  Is there a limit to the amount of times you can cycle in a day?

A.  No

Q.  Can a Person Run Their Business with Just an Alert Pay Account?  If So, What Type of Account Do I Need To Get?

A.  Personal Pro Alert Pay Account.

Q.  Which Countries will we be active in and how soon?

A.  Anywhere that Alert Pay is accepted and you have internet access.

Q.  What Are the Products That We are Going to Receive?

A.  Digital Educational Products with RESELL RIGHTS.

Q.  Does every participant need their own email address?

A.   Yes

Q.   Can I upgrade some of my team using my own Alert Pay account if they don’t have cash in their Alert Pay accounts?

          A. Yes

Q.  Does the software implemented in this program automatically upgrade you to each level once you have enough in your e-wallet or do you have to manually upgrade yourself to each level?

       A. yes

Q.  Is this going to be available in different languages?

A.  Yes, coming soon

Q.  Can some of the money earned go to our monthly fee?

A.  Yes, your $10 monthly fee will be withdrawn from your e-wallet.

Q. Will the company have pre-approved marketing materials, CD’s, brochures, etc.?

  A. Coming Soon.

Q.  When will the debit card be introduced?

  A.   Spring of 2012.

Q.  Can you have more than one O.F.M. account per household?

           A.  As long as they are actively sharing the opportunity with others and are over the age of 18.

Q.  Where does a new person come in?

          A.  Everyone Starts with the 2×2 Matrix.

Q.  Can the family use the same computer with different O.F.M. accounts?

A.  Yes, as long as they are 18 years old and are a working member of the program.  We do not allow stacking. 

Q.  Are you allow to purchase more than 1 position?

          A.  No.  We Do Not Allow Stacking.  You can only have one position.

Q.  So is it possible for a global network position to go “up” the matrix if the weakest spot is there?

         A.  Yes.

Q.  If 100 people cycle – that means there will be 200 new positions and 100 of those will all go to the weakest part of the matrix?

         A.  Yes.

Q.  Is O.F.M. open internationally?

        A.  Yes, this is a Global Opportunity.  Anywhere that allows Alert Pay and internet access.

Q. Is the money automatically transferred out of my wallet to give me my new 2 pay centers or do I have to transfer the money out?

  A.  Yes, the money is automatically leveraged for you by the software. 

Q.  Will withdrawal only be available thru Alert pay?

   A.  At this time yes.

Q.  Is it better for us to bring in more than 2 people, or doesn’t it matter as long as we have two?

     A.  It is best to share our wonderful products and business opportunity with as many people as you can.

Q.  If you pay and do not have 2 people, you have money in your wallet and the $10 fee is due. Will you take the money out of the e-wallet even though a person has not sponsored 2 yet?

A: The monthly $10 fee will be automatically withdrawn if you have money in your O.F.M e-wallet.  If you do not have money in our e-wallet your membership will be suspended until the balance is paid.

Q.  If someone registers on my affiliate URL, will I be able to use my e-wallet earnings to transfer money to their account?

A.  Only by sponsoring two people personally will you be able transfer money in and out of your e-wallet.

Q.  What Information do I need to register with the company?

           A.  Name, Phone, Email Address, Alert Pay Account, Username and Password

Q.  Is it permissible to have my personal position sponsor my storefront business on the same computer?

            A.  No, only one position is allowed per person